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Ep 28: Detaching on Purpose

Ep 28: Detaching on Purpose

April 30, 2020

In this podcast Cheri ask the question, “How do you live ON Purpose when so much of what is happening to you is out of your control?”  That’s a biggie, right?  But she doesn’t’ stop there, she tops that question with an even bigger one.  “How do you not?!”

We only have control of ourselves.  That's it!  We can’t control much of daily politics, pandemics, war, the climate crisis, etc.  We can only control our responses to these things.  We can only control ourselves.   When we forget our mood, our potential, our health, our self-esteem and our happiness is at jeopardy.   

Listen as Cheri talks about healthy detachment and equanimity; two strategies for staying calm when things are unhinged.  She discusses how to intentionally be untethered to things outside of your control and instead staying unruffled in these crazy times. 

Ep 27: Press the Reset Button

Ep 27: Press the Reset Button

April 18, 2020

What will be your new normal after we make it through this corona virus pandemic?  Will you return to the same life you were living prior to the outbreak?  Will you go right back to what you were doing before?  Or will you use this time, the huge expansive pause that most of us are in, to reevaluate your life and make deliberate choices about what your future will hold?

In some ways, this crisis gives us as individuals, as a country, and as world the opportunity to press the reset button.  In this podcast, I’m inviting you to use this time to evaluate what you like about your life and equally as important, what you want to change as we go forward into our new normal.  I’m inviting you to willingly press the reset button so you can live the life you’ve always intended.


Ep 26: Navigating a Crisis

Ep 26: Navigating a Crisis

April 6, 2020

What do we do when we're thrown a curve ball?  How to we stay in control when things blow up in our face? How do we stay in the driver's seat when a crisis grabs the wheel and takes us way off course?

That's definitely what many of us are asking as the coronavirus sweeps around the globe, were are all sheltering in place and we're not sure when or if things will ever get back to normal.

So, what DO we do?  That's the topic of this podcast, not the Covid-19 specifically, but rather about how to navigate a crisis.

I share with you what I believe to be the key for staying in control when things are out of your control.  


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