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December 9, 2019  

Ep 17: You Gotta Break a Few Eggs to Make an Omelet

Whenever we create anything . . . things are gonna get messy.  It's actually the creative process itself . . . giving birth to something new and exciting . . . that causes this wonderful and sometimes scary mess.  Like the saying goes, you have to break a few eggs if you want to eat an omelet.  And so it is with creating our ideal lives. 

What does it mean to "create" your life?  It means you are deliberate and intentional about what you are, what you have and what you do.  It means you don't live by default, but rather intentionally creating how you spend your thoughts, your money, your time and your energy. 

In this podcast, Cheri goes through what she feels are the five steps of the creative process.  You can apply these steps to anything, but she gives you countless examples of using them to create a beautiful life.  But perhaps just as important as the creative process, she give you three steps to navigate the chaos and messiness that will happen when you decide to step up and live a life that has more of what you truly want.

She helps you embrace the messiness of deliberating being creative!


December 2, 2019  

Ep 16: Too Much or Not Enough

What is a right-sized life? A life that's exhilarating and engaging and also a life that doesn't require you wear a super-hero cape and have an IV of caffeine pumped right into your veins.  When are you doing too much and when are you not doing enough?  

In this podcast, Cheri talks about the sweet spot between these two space . . . something she's calling tension. She's observed that people who have just the right amount of tension . . .  the challenging stuff AND the comfortable stuff . . . are seemingly the most happy.  Listen and she can help you determine where you may be right now.  This podcast will help you find your ideal place in which to live your life.

November 20, 2019  

Ep 15: What You Can’t See Affects You

"Out of sight, out of mind" might work for a little while, but eventually what you’re avoiding will come back and demand your attention.

Besides, all that stuff you’re putting off is costing you dearly RIGHT NOW!  You think you’re not thinking about it . . . but you are. You can never run faster than your clutter and undone tasks.  So why not just deal with them once and for all.

Let Cheri help you.  In this podcast she gives you 4 steps to ACTUALLY get things done.  These are not your typical steps you’ve read a million times. Rather she shares with you a secret for working around the pesky part of you who wants to keep your head in the sand!

November 12, 2019  

Ep 14: That Which We Resist, Persists

Did you know that NOT doing something uses a lot of your precious energy~that procrastinating, avoiding and putting off things costs you dearly.  You already know this I'm sure.

So why do we do it?  Why do we continue to lie to ourselves and act as if we have magical elves which come in while we're sleeping and do all the hard stuff for us, freeing us from having to "adult" and do what needs to be done?

In this podcast, Cheri helps you take stock in what you're putting off.  She helps you look at your own behaviors, identifying when you lie to yourself and when you allow yourself to stay stuck.  Better yet, she give you a simple process for "tweaking your thinking" so you can finally do the things you want and need to do!

October 31, 2019  

Ep 13: 6 Steps to Remodel Your Mind

Did you know you can change your thinking?  Some (maybe even many) of our thoughts are out-dated, worn out, or just plain wrong. 

In this podcast, Cheri takes you through 6 steps to permanently change your thinking.  She uses the same steps you would take to remodel your kitchen and applies them to remodeling your thinking.  Just like a physical remodel, these steps have a cost, can be messy and sometimes leave us exhausted.  But Cheri reminds us that in the end . . .  just like walking into your brand new, state-of-the-art kitchen, you will not regret the effort! 

October 21, 2019  

Ep 12: Get Rid of What No Longer Serves You

By the time we reach adulthood we have done two things: taken on a lot of mental and emotional baggage from family and society AND learned to hide parts of ourselves that really want to be free.  Robert Bly, from his book "A Little Book About the Human Shadow, refers to the place we sequestered these thoughts and actions the "bag we drag behind us."

In this podcast, Cheri asks you three questions to help you open up that bag and lighten your load.  Three questions, that if really answered, could shift your thinking and your actions immediately.  She expands your thoughts about clutter to include not only possessions that choke out our physical environments but also thoughts, feelings and beliefs that do the same to our hearts and minds.  

October 14, 2019  

Ep 11: 4 Ways to Deal with Disappointment

Disappointments are inevitable.  Darn it all!!! But how we deal with these disappointments can make all the difference in how much these bumps in the road affect us and our overall happiness. 

I this podcast, Cheri gives you four ways for dealing with life’s disappointments (two which her son with autism taught her!).  Four strategies she has discovered on her own journey through the ups and downs in life.  Cheri has no illusions we can completely eliminate life's challenges but with these tips and a open, present mindset, we can make our life a lot sweeter.   

Bonus:  In this episode, Cheri refers to a previous podcast on Downstream Thinking.  It is Episode 9 entitled "Go with the Flow"

October 8, 2019  

Ep 10: What Are You Tolerating?

Are you wasting or leaking valuable, life-force energy? Most of us are. We waste energy by tolerating ANYTHING, big or small, that brings us down, makes us unhappy or stays our to-do list for too long.  In this podcast, Cheri helps you uncover your hidden leaks. She teaches you how to unearth what you're tolerating and then make a plan to plug those leaks! She reminds you when you do the important work of confronting yourself and identifying what you're avoiding, you’re gifted with your map to happiness!  Inspired by Cheryl Richardson seminal work and Cheri's 20 plus years helping people get unstuck, this podcast is sure to have you making changes TODAY to live a more beautiful life, inside and out!


September 20, 2019  

Ep 9: Go with the Flow

Imagine you're in a canoe and trying with all your might to paddle upstream.  You are straining and striving to go against the current.  You'd probably have to work exceptionally to make any progress at all.  Conversely, if your canoe were going WITH the current, your efforts and your progress would be easy and practically guaranteed!

The same is true in all aspects of our life.  When we choose "downstream" behaviors and thoughts life is easier and ultimately more satisfying.  

In this episode of "A Well-Designed Life", Cheri describes the pitfalls of upstream living and the benefits of the easier and more satisfying downstream thoughts and actions.  She teaches you how to go with the flow and trust that everything you need is waiting for you downstream.

September 16, 2019  

Ep 8: What’s the Martyr with You?

We’re all guilty of being a martyr or feeling like a victim from time to time.  But sadly, for some us, this becomes a way of life.  Many people blame others and refuse to take responsibility for what they do, say and have.  Not taking responsibility for one’s life is the BEST way to stay stuck and unhappy. 

In the podcast, Cheri shines a light on some of the classic characteristics of a martyr to help you identify them in yourself and in others.  She empowers you to find your power from within and avoid the pitfalls of being a victim.  She helps you take responsibility for your own life!